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Program Full Name:
Master of Science (MSc) in Data-Driven Modeling
Program Short Name:
Mode of Study:
Full-time or Part-time
Normative Program Duration:
Full-time: 1 year; Part-time : 2 years

The program objectives are well described by the following intended learning outcomes. On successful completion of the program, graduates will be able to:

  1. Handle large amount of data using computational tools;
  2. Extract significant features from the data using scientific programming and statistical learning;
  3. Select appropriate hardware for different computational tasks;
  4. Interpret time-dependent data using concepts of stochastic processes;
  5. Utilize quantitative skills to make predictions;
  6. Provide solutions to optimization problems and for decision making through data-based modeling; and
  7. Adopt an innovation-minded attitude in exploring new uses of data-driven modeling.

Message From Program Director

This new MSc program is launched amid a pressing demand in today’s world for human power with data-driven modeling skills, including hardware, software, services, infrastructure, information, and digital business. This program will give you confidence in delivering the high-quality analysis and advice that your future employers will seek.

Although many undergraduate programs train students to have strong skills in problem-solving and logical thinking, graduates do not have sufficient opportunities to apply these skills to the context of real-world data due to the time-limited curriculum. Similarly, I met graduates who started their careers in data-related professions and felt the need to learn advanced techniques in order to enhance their competitiveness. Our MSc DDM program bridges the gaps between theory, practice, and techniques.

Your professors are amongst the leading experts in computation, information processing and data analyses. They will give you a solid training in handling large amount of data, and deriving data-driven models for prediction, optimization and decision making.

Join us, and let our Program be the gateway to your future success.

K. Y. Michael WONG
PhD, University of California, Los Angeles